nutrition 1

This qualification is principally for individuals who require an understanding of nutrition and diet and their effect on health. It is particularly relevant for people working in the health, fitness or catering professions who might have a role in the promotion of healthy eating or the preparation of meals, menus and diets. The learning outcomes include coverage of the nutritional requirements for a healthy diet, the effect of diet on health and the importance of hydration.

Learners will take a single unit: Principles of Nutrition but may add additional units at a later date to obtain the RSPH Certificate in Nutrition for Institutional Food Services, or the RSPH Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity and Sport.

Course content includes:

Principles of Nutrition:

  • Understanding the sources, functions and uses of macro and micro nutrients
  • Understanding the energy, nutrient and hydration requirements of individuals throughout life
  • Understanding the effects of diet on health
  • Understanding legislation as it relates to labelling and advertising of foods

Course can be attended in person, or by using our "Virtual Classroom", groups and larger numbers can be accommodated with discounts available for block or repeat bookings - please contact us for details  

The course may be offered as either a 5 day or a 3 day attended 'blended' course, according to demand. If run as a 3 day option, tutorial-supported additional learning is required.  

The cost of the 5 day attended course is £945 plus VAT, but due to the additional support required for the 'blended' course, the price is £1095 plus VAT.


Course Length: 3 day or 5 day attended course